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Guy offers private music tuition in Guitar, Bass, Drums and Jazz Musicianship for people living in the West Lothian area in Scotland.

At present these lessons are available in person only, on Monday evenings. Other days and online lessons may become available in the future.

Check out your options below and once you are ready, send an email to to get signed up!


Man Playing Guitar

Guitar / Ukulele Tuition

Guy offers lessons in Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar as well as ukulele.

In these lessons you can cover:

  • Common chord shapes and progressions

  • Reading notation

  • Developing tone

  • Creating chord patterns and melodic lines

  • Instrument maintenance

Bass Guitar Strings

Bass Tuition

Guy offers lessons in electric bass.

In these lessons you can cover:

  • Common chord progressions and bass lines

  • Reading notation

  • Developing tone

  • Creating grooves and basslines

  • Instrument maintenance

Percussion Set

Drum Tuition

Guy offers lessons in drum kit and auxiliary percussion.

In these lessons you can cover:

  • Common grooves and styles

  • Reading drum notation

  • Developing sound

  • Improvisation at the kit

  • Drum kit care and maintenance

Sheet Music

Jazz Musicianship

Guy offers lessons in Jazz Musicianship.

In these lessons you can cover:

  • Jazz Harmony

  • Jazz History

  • Transcription

  • Jazz Composition

  • Improvisation


Music Amplifier Repair

1/2 Hour Lesson - £15

Short but sweet, the half hour lesson option allows for shorter attention spans, as well as being able to take a more gradual approach to learning, giving each new bit of information plenty of time to settle.

Musical Instruments

1 Hour Lesson - £25

Get the maximum out of every moment with an hour long lessons, perfect for anyone who wants to delve into every little detail of what they are learning, as well as make quick progress!

Concert Crowd

12 Lesson Package - £150/£250

Pay for 12 lessons in one go and get them for the price of 10 lessons, that means two of your included lessons are free!

£150 for 12 x 1/2 Hour Lessons

£250 for 12 x 1 Hour Lessons


12 Week Instrument Loan - Varied £

For those who don't want to make a huge investment into buying an instrument before they are sure they want to keep learning to play, Guy offers up to 12 weeks of instrument loan for a fully refundable deposit (limited supply of instruments, waiting list available)


Sheet Music and Guitar

Here at Guy Bathgate Music Tuition, it is our philosophy that nobody should have to go without a music education, for that reason, we have introduced a special scholarship for any prospective student who isn't in the position to pay for lessons. This consists of a simple application form which if accepted, will then lead the student onto a waiting list to receive up to 12 lessons absolutely free, to give them a chance to give music a go! So what are you waiting for? Learning can be for you too! Simply send an email to saying you want to sign up and we will send you the sign up form no questions asked!

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