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Guy Bathgate (he/him) is a 22-year-old Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Composer and Actor from Scotland. He performs regularly as a band member, a sideman, a band leader and a solo artist. He is known for his expansive range of musical skills abilities, as well as his ability to take any style of music that he plays and show his own distinct voice within it. As a composer/songwriter he again shows a diverse range of skills, equally at home writing for himself as he is arranging for big band or composing for film. As an instrumentalist his repertoire contains a vast range of instruments including guitars, saxophone and keyboards but predominantly focusing on working as a drummer and singer-songwriter. He has adopted this "Jack Of All Trades" outlook from his immense passion for music and his love of learning anything and everything he can about the intricacies and challenges of music. As an actor he has shown aptitude on both stage and screen and has experience and strong credits in both fields as well as in musical theatre.

His playing is and has featured in a number of different groups such as The Rhythm Section (as a guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist and songwriter), Trading Glances (As a drummer, vocalist and songwriter) and King Fuzz (As a bass player, vocalist and songwriter.) He has also been involved in the Brass Cats Big Band (as an arranger, bassist and saxophonist) National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland (as a drummer), Fife Youth Jazz Orchestra (as a baritone saxophonist), both the Bo’ness & Carriden and the Kingdom Brass Bands (as a percussionist) and Perth Youth Orchestra (as a percussionist and saxophonist)

Guy tries to support charities and other worthy causes as often as he can. In 2021, he put together a large scale fundraiser over the festive period, creating 12 days worth of music content over the 12 days leading up to Christmas and raising over £1600 for Meningitis Now.

However it is in his own projects that he demonstrates his personal vision and his own highly original approach to music. Currently he is working an EP, entitled ‘In A Season of Love’ (due to be released in the next year or two. These are all entirely performed by the multi-instrumentalist, who is working closely with his producer to consistently deliver high quality work which audiences will love to come back to again and again. When playing his own music live, he prefers to play with a band to showcase his songs and compositions as they were written, and therefore as they are meant to be heard.

Guy was educated at Kinross High School in Kinross Scotland, getting Advanced Higher qualifications in Music and Drama as well as completing an International Baccalaureate in Performing Arts before moving to Leeds in the Autumn of 2020 to begin his studies at Leeds Conservatoire, where he completed a Bachelors in Jazz Music, specialising in drum kit performance.

As an educator, he spent 3 years working with young musicians by delivering them private tuition, teaching lessons in guitar, drums and bass in person before the COVID-19 pandemic and online during. He has recently reintroduced his private tuition, tailoring lessons for all ages and adding Jazz Musicianship to his offerings. He is the musical director for Playhouse Theatre Company, working with a mixed age cast on their production of Charlie and the Choclate Factory the Musical. He has previously worked with Playhouse and with Youth Music Theatre Scotland, working with young people on amateur productions of Hairspray, Oliver, and Seussical the Musical.


For downloadable bios, tech specs, photos and more, follow this link.

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